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the cheese is old and moldy

¿dónde está el sanitario?

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I like stuff. Yeah, stuff.

My journal entries are now "friends only", so please leave a comment if you add me so I can return the favor.

There are things too big to confine to words. I want to find more of them.

abstractions that cause pause, art as freedom, batonabon, becoming, being the driver, being the passenger, big bright eyes, black ink, blue, bookworms, born out of boredom, brain-screaming, broken things, buckley, buster keaton, calculated messes, catherine wheel, cave-like ambience, charcoal, colors, connection, courtney's notes, cracks in pavement, crazy dreams, doodling, duality, dying in the abyss, e minor, empowerment, erasers, everything that matters, expressionism, exquisite corpse, eyebrows, fabrics, finding what's real, flaming lips, fragility, fragments, freaks, ghosts, girldrinks, green, grey, guerilla girls, hidden faces, hills, history, hooded sweatshirts, i chew foil, i hate introductions, images you can't leave, impressionism, ink, intensity, it coulda been me, jeff buckley, jenny holzer, kids in the hall, learning to let go, lightning storms, low notes, lowbrow, magazine addiction, margaret atwood poetry, megacreativity, men named steven, messy painting, mix tapes, monty python, morrissey, mountains, multi-instrumentalists, my thesaurus, myths, nailbiters anon, noise, obsessive email checking, office supplies, oil pastels, old-fashioned spectacles, orange, outdated slang, paper, pbs, pencils, picasso, pieces that make wholes, pj harvey, porkpie hats, pulp, purple, questions, quiet, radiohead, rambling, random big laughs, randomness, rapier wit, rawness, red, rhapsodist theories, rough drafts, rural junk, sarcasm, scent, seeing & believing, shadows, shared secrets, shattered things, silence, simplicity, singing wind, sketching, sleep, snitz edwards, song, sound, starry-eyed wanderers, static and glitches, steel, stories, storms, strength, strings, sunshine, tactility, talking in darkness, textures, the cure, the pixies, the replacements, the smell of paper, the smiths, the state, theremin, thunder, time warps, trees, turd storks, voices, warm hands, what brings to knees, wherever you are, whispering, wind, words, wrists, yellow, zines