When we saw the doctor on Monday, he said something about how I was one of his better summertime pregnancy patients- that usually in July the women as far along as I am come in to the office in tears, saying things like, "I can't do this anymore! Get this kid out of me!"  

For the most part I am still feeling all right but for the past few days I'm completely exhausted (I can't stop napping and I think I've had an hours-long nap every day this week), and for the past few days the baby has been jamming her feet into my left rib cage and it hurts worse than one might expect!  If I push on her to try and make her move it sometimes just hurts worse.

I managed to get enough energy tonight to clean up the nursery and put more things away. We sort of had it in disarray after sorting all the gifts and writing thank you cards. We washed all the clothes and organized them by size.

But yeah, as soon as my doctor said I was doing well I started feeling crappy, so I blame him.

David bought me a foot stool to use when I'm sitting in the rocking chair (which his mom bought and stained herself when she was pregnant with David) to nurse. The cool part is that it has 2 steps on it, one of which opens for storage, so it can be used in a few years when Lima Bean is big enough to need a step stool to reach the sink to wash her hands, brush her teeth, etc.

The walls have no art or decorations on them yet though!  We bought a few wood cutouts to paint with the super sweet paint colors we got at Home Depot a couple weeks ago.  I think there were 2 dogs, a sailboat, a butterfly, a couple stars... and I can't remember what else. 

I keep meaning to post some pics from the shower but the photos are on a CD in the basement and I'm too lazy to climb that many stairs right now. :)

David says he will take me to see the new Harry Potter movie, but first he wants to watch the first 4 movies again because he's only seen them once.  We watched the first one last night but we both fell asleep before it ended. Oops.

We went to a breastfeeding class Saturday morning and the instructor was very nice but sort of wacky. She's not only a lactation specialist and doula, but she also had 7 of her own children (all with the same husband)- 6 boys and one girl.  She has kids ranging from age 13 to age 30.  She's nuts!

One down...

Well today was my last day of Drawing Seminar, so that's one thing off my giant end-of-term "to do" list. It's also my last 10-hour day for awhile, thank god!

My goal tonight is to do (or at least get a good start on) my final paper for Effective Listening. Whoooo hooooo! I know you are jealous.

If I didn't post it on here already, the blood test that they redid because they did it too early came back completely fine and normal, so that was a nice relief. I figured it would all work out but it's still nerve-wracking. It's scary enough to think about raising a healthy kid- it's terrifying to think about raising one that isn't!

This weekend will most likely consist of more homework, followed by cake-making because I offered to make Matt a cake for his birthday, which is actually today but everyone is busy with finals and whatnot so the party shall wait. And of course everyone will be too busy with their beers for a birthday party on Saturday because we are all soooOooo Irish! :)

The funny thing is that I've never been a big drinker but now that I can't have alcohol I've been wanting a beer really badly! It just sounds tasty. Maybe I should eat more bread and see if that helps.

Spring break this year is probably not going to be super exciting around the Stewart/Weigel residence. David wants to clean the basement, and I want to clean my studio area, plus we need to clean out the future nursery. We were going to take a trip to the coast but by the time we thought about it everything was booked. So we're going to go later, which is ok with me because the weather will be warmer anyway (I hope).

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Aside from the TWO HOURS it took David & I to get from Portland to Salem tonight, I had a lot of fun. My parents took us out for my birthday. We went to The Ram and I had this spicy chile salmon with tortellinis.... it was SOooooo good.  Everyone liked their food, thankfully. Mom & I split a dessert which kinda freaked my shit out. It was an ice cream dessert made to look like a baked potato. See diagram:

Here are my lovely dining companions:

Notice the smile on my mom's face is in relation to the size of the HUGE (vodka-containing) FRIGGIN DRINK next to her...  :)

I am really excited for tomorrow because I think it will be the first time anyone that isn't my mom has planned a little shindig for me. Methinks my boyfriend deserves some brownie points! 

Tomorrow I will tidy the house, clean up the weeds we pulled but had no room for in the yardwaste bucket, and give myself a pedicure & manicure. Then out to dinner with the gang, then back to the house for cake & ice cream with whomever decides to show up. :)  Yay!!

New art from pastel drawing workshop 2 weeks ago:

Based on a 1930s theater sign:

Driver drill:

Based on a 1930s cartoon in which 2 men are about to get a massage from a very large masseur. The caption on the original (in which the men have heads) says something like, "If you fellas are in a hurry, I can handle you both at once."

Buster Keaton:

I also have another drawing but the class each chose one of their own drawings to hang in the gallery over the summer. It is a drawing of the fist/fork/tomato seen in the sky of the collage that has been my user icon on myspace for the past few weeks. 


Hypothetically speaking...

Hypothetically speaking, you are dating someone and think it would be a nice gesture to see if any of their old friends (who live in other states) would be able to visit your own state for your significant other's birthday, as a surprise. You email some of the significant other's friends via myspace, hypothetically, even though the birthday is still months away (you've got to make sure people have time to buy airline, train, or bus tickets if they can afford to come up) and even though every response is kind, each is leaning toward negatory due to lack of funds. You find out during some of the correspondence that one of these friends, who seems very kind and sincere in her emails, actually has parents living in your own state. She then adds that she'll be in state to visit them for an upcoming holiday weekend. Some time passes, and your significant other never once mentions this friend coming to your state. You find this odd, because the significant other recently told you that you are their best friend and confidant. However, for all you know, the friend may not even have time or want to see your significant other. But you wait a few more days, seeing if this friend will be mentioned. You wait some more, and more time passes, and still no mention of this friend being in state. Finally you email the friend and she's already back in her home state after a lovely weekend with her family. Hypothetically, you are left with a multitude of options to consider, some easier to believe or understand than others:

1) The significant other didn't know that the friend was going to be here.
2) The significant other went and visited their friend on a day you weren't together, and never mentioned it.
3) The significant other didn't mention the friend because they think that you would be jealous due to the gender of the friend.
4) The significant other didn't feel like seeing the friend and didn't bother to make plans or declined to make plans.
5) The significant other is embarrassed of you and doesn't want to introduce you to any of their friends.
6) The significant other has a problem with fibbing and withheld the information for unknown reasons.
7) ....etc....

So then, the hypothetical question becomes, should you mention any of this to your significant other? And as an aside, do you really believe the significant other doesn't understand why you have trust issues, if, hypothetically, they can't even tell you an old friend is coming to town and they are going to see them (or better yet, an old friend is coming to town and they would love for you to meet them)?? It really is not a big deal and yet you can't help but wonder why there was a reason to lie (rather, withhold information) about it... hence in your mind it sort of becomes a big deal.


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So today David helped me take down my installation project from the spring art show. For those of you who didn't get to see it in person, here are some photos of it, along with a windows media version of the DVD that looped constantly inside the booth (the video is between 10 and 11 minutes long). Feel free to right-click and save it because I don't think I can embed files in LJ!

The booth was 4 ft. x 4 ft. x 8 ft.:

Here is a view of the booth as seen when you came through the art building foyer:

It was usually just dark enough in the hall to where you could see the glow of the television through the fabric:

Peepshow perverts:

Over a month since my last update?!

Sorry, dear ol' LJ... I do not mean to leave you by the wayside. I just don't even know what to write about anymore. I am pondering changing this journal into something else entirely, but nothing definitive is in the works yet.
Moved to a new place in a new part of town two weekends ago. Settling in quite nicely for the most part. I plan to get started selling some crap (and by 'crap' I mean artwork and perhaps some crafty things) on ebay very soon, and perhaps starting a cafe press shop to sell prints and other whatnots. My room is set up quite nicely, and it is in the basement near the area which will become the 'drawing and painting area'... It is nice having lots of storage and room to move shit around! The other house was sooo small. It is also nice knowing that we each get to pay $50 less per month in rent and not have to pay the water/sewer bill either. Hooo-rah.
I hope to be more productive and active now that we are in a new place and the finances will hopefully not be as tight all the time. Of course, I have to wait for our deposit to be refunded and my financial aid to arrive before I can consider the funds not so tight! My goal with the selling of art/crafts/etc. is not to make a living but to just supplement what I already make, and give me enough leftover to buy art supplies as needed.
Friday I go to a Les Claypool show with my boyfriend and my roomie. I have not seen him live in any capacity. I'm not a huge fan but I like live shows, and I like Les himself (he seems funny and cool) so I'm sure it will be a good time.
Today I had to return pop cans for money so that I could afford to put $3 of gas in my car! Awesome.

this is interesting...

'Many people inhibit asking for what they want because they believe "If he really loved me, he'd know what I like." They assume that the person should care enough and know them well enough to know what they want, without their having to ask for it. For people like this, asking is seen as equivalent to admitting to themselves that the other doesn't care very much. They think, "If I have to ask for it, it's less valuable" or "If he sincerely wanted to please me, he'd do it without my having to ask." Holding this attitude is another patterned way to avoid taking the risk of asking for what you want. When you operate as if this were true, you don't ask for very much, so you don't have to hear no very often. The problem is, by using this self-protection strategy, you miss the chance to develop the resilience and confidence that come from asking without knowing how the other person will respond. Obviously you can never know in advance how the other is going to receive your request -- so asking is always a bit of a risk. But if the person cares about you, it is an intelligent risk. You will survive even if you hear a no, and either way, by opening yourself up to the unknown, you'll deepen your self-trust and begin to heal an outdated view you may have of yourself as too fragile.'